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Treasure Hunting, Swashbuckling PIRATE BOARD GAME

An easy to learn pirate board game that gives you and your fellow mates a chance to see which Captain rules the Seven Seas.

Choose one of eight historic Captains, each endowed with their own special abilities. Will you focus on fighting monsters as Francois L’Ollanais? Maybe you prefer to avoid conflict as you speed around the map as Jack Rackham. Of course you can never go wrong as the dastardly Blackbeard.

Pick your Captain

— Eric Obermark, Playtester

"I've never felt more like a Pirate. The risk and reward aspect of this game is unparalleled."

We made sure that anyone could learn this game, leaving the core mechanics simple while still providing enough variety of action that even the most strategic minds will want to keep replaying.

Easy to Learn


The full board game releases Summer of 2024!

Check out our Kickstarter for more information. Be part of making this game the thing of legends! We will see you soon matey, time to batten down the hatches!



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