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And we imagine you are too. We collectively put our brains together to start this company so that we can provide you with top tier strategy board games. We are so excited for you to play Rogue Seas and we've already got a few more ideas bouncing around for our next games!




Our company began back in 2008 in the mind of a ten year old. That kid loved modifying his favorite board games to make them better and even creating his own games from various pieces. It wasn't until 15 years later that Josiah would take all those ideas and put them towards our first board game, Rogue Seas.

Josiah pulled his brother, Zach, into the company by making him play test the game a few times before presenting it to Brandon and David, the cofounder of Mighty Paladin Games.

Together, Josiah and David have fully invested in this company and are excited to see YOU play our games for yourself. Join us as we build this company with games that everyone will enjoy!

About Us



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